Status: ACTIVE

Impact: High

Start: Monday 23rd September 0900

Expected Resolution: 

We have noted that some assessors are getting an error message within iQ-Energy when attempting to lodge reports where only an expired EPC exists.

We automatically check against the Register whether an EPC has been lodged, but this data does not include whether an expired EPC is present; the following will be displayed:

When the lodgement is made, the UPRN is checked against the Register's own record (which does include the expired reports) and flags the error. 

If you have had issues with lodgement or are creating a new report where there is an expired report, you will need to do the following:

1. Select/Re-Select the address from the drop down. 

2. For the time being ignore the automated look up on whether an EPC is present.

3. Head to the bottom of the page and change the property has existing EPC to YES.

4. Enter the reason for new EPC lodgement (most likely expired report if you were having issues) and press SAVE.

5. Then press CALCULATE, CREATE EPC and LODGE. You should then receive a successful lodgement message. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.