After inputting all of the required information for a commercial EPC, it is important that you take the time to check the ratings page to ensure that the rating which your building has obtained is within the realms of what you would expect for the property. If a pre-1900 solid brick building used as a Chinese takeaway is coming out with a rating of 24, you can be certain that you have probably made a mistake somewhere along the way! The easiest way to check for obvious errors is by comparing the energy usage of the actual building with that of the reference building, and seeing whether anything is particularly out of kilter. If the actual building has a heating energy usage which is 1/50th that of the reference building, it’s a good indication that the information you’ve entered for the heating system is probably incorrect. Likewise if your HWS system is using significantly more energy than that of the reference building, check to see that the data you have entered is correct for what you have at the property. There is plenty of scope for making errors when creating and lodging commercial EPCs, so make sure that you are not caught out and check the ratings page!