Jersey RdSAP Convention 9.05

The process for inputting solar PV into the iQ-Energy software has recently changed, so DEAs will need to sure that they have the correct boxes checked to have the PV correctly entered.

The following implies that an MCS certificate, or other documentary evidence, relating to the power output of the PV panels has been provided. Without this, a roof area percentage would be input instead of the specifics of the panels.


When you first enter the PV in the 'General' tab of iQ-Energy, you must make sure that the tick-box confirming that the PV panels are connected is ticked.


On the final page, you would need to ensure that Addendum 8 is also ticked to ensure the correct calculation.

Once the EPC has been Calculated, tick the addendum, followed by SAVE, and then Create the EPC. This will lock-in the addendum, which would be cleared following each calculation.