CPD AVAILABLE: RdSAP Heating Controls

The Hive and Nest-type heating controls are becoming more and more prevalent in domestic settings, but DEAs continue to misinterpret their controls and how to input them into RdSAP.

The main issue is with these types of system is that they can be operated using a smart phone app -- this does not mean that they are solely operated by the app, so they do not fall under RdSAP Convention 4.19. Quidos explicitly stated when Convention 4.19 was introduced that it did not apply to Hive- or Nest-type heating control systems.

If we look at the Hive instruction manual as a guide:

As the front page shows, this is a thermostat, but the device itself allows users to view and amend the heating schedule.

These on-device controls mean that you do not need to use a smart phone to change the desired room temperature or programme a heating schedule.

That means that this device would be included into RdSAP as "Programmer & Room Thermostat".