Occasionally, you might get a scenario where you have entered a boiler, but the option for water heating 'from main system' is not available in within iQ-Energy, as below:

You haven't done anything wrong! If copying reports or doing a large volume of lodgements, the iQ-Energy software can occasionally glitch to a previous data input. This is very easy to resolve.

Firstly, go back to the Main Heating System page. Your system input will most likely be from the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB); what you need to do it change this input to SAP 2012 Table 4a/4b.

After changing the data input, you will notice that in the Heating Description drop-down, an option for storage heaters will be selected; the example above shows High heat retention storage heaters, but this could be any sort of storage heater.

From the Heating Description drop-down, select the option that states 'Choose...'

This will grey out the selection.

From here, you can re-select the Efficiency Source from Product Characteristics Database - the input boiler will reappear. All you will need to do is reselect your heating controls and emitter type. Once done, press SAVE.

Now, go to the Water Heating System page, and the option for From Main Heating System will be in the drop-down again. Select and press SAVE. 

You can then calculate your report correctly.