We frequently get questions about how best to input a PulsaCoil device into RdSAP.

The are a number of Conventions at play, but it's easy once you know how.

Firstly, as the manual states, this is a thermal store:

Following RdSAP Convention 6.06, a separate thermal store should be treated as a hot water cylinder.

But it's in a box?

Well that's easy to sort out - just follow RdSAP Convention 6.05, which deals with enclosed hot water cylinders. In this case, you will be able to assume 50mm of factory-applied insulation (and cylinderstat).

But what about the heating source? Again, the manual shows this quite clearly.

Internally, there are two immersion heaters, therefore dual immersion should be selected. However, for a dual immersion to be used, there MUST be a dual rate meter present.

Without a dual rate meter, you must follow RdSAP Convention 6.03.

So by using the device's manual from the internet and RdSAP Conventions, we are able to correctly input the PulsaCoil 2000 into the iQ-Energy software:

** It should be worth noting that the example above doesn't have the thermostat option ticked -- whenever an immersion heater used, single or immersion, the calculation will automatically assume a cylinderstat, as this would be built into the immersion heater itself to stop heating the water at the desired temperature.