Convention 4.11: LPG at mains gas prices (e.g. special condition 18 or special condition 11F)

The former Special Condition was written into the contract for gas suppliers that for those few independent gas networks located near refineries, they could be charged for LPG at mains gas prices.

Special Condition 18 has since been replaced by Special Condition 11F, which relates to “those independent systems through which the gas conveyed to consumers consists wholly or mainly of LNG or LPG.”

This was solely to benefit those householders where the only piped gas was LPG, which would be assumed a higher price in RdSAP.

It was not to benefit those who had a “deal” with their LPG suppliers, as there was no guarantee that this arrangement would be passed on following a change in occupancy, making the consistency of assessment difficult.

Most LPG bills will display their costs in terms of price per cubic litre of LPG. 

If cost of LPG from the bill is greater than 24.012p/cu.L, it is not being supplied at mains gas prices, and the special condition fuel input cannot be used.