You are required to enter the unit information into AIRS in a consistent and coherent manner, and here you will be shown how.

Click on the ‘Add sub system’ link.

You can see how many sub systems that you have already entered:

  • Enter the Volume Definition. For the first unit that we will be entering, this is VOL001.
  • Now enter the Sub System ID. For oursystem this is VOL001/SYS001
  • If you do not enter the Sub system ID in the correct format, then an error message will be shown
  • Enter the combined effective rated output of all the air-conditioning units within this system.
  • For our system, we have two 60kW chillers so a total of 120kW.
  • The software will only accept whole numbers as entries.
  • Should you enter a number with a decimal point, the software will alert you that this requires changing.
  • If you have a rated output with a decimal point then you should round to the nearest whole number
  • Enter a description of the areas that this overall system is serving.
  • Now enter the year that the system was installed.
  • If you do not know the exact year then you should make an approximate estimation.
  • Select the refrigerant type of the units within the system.
  • Remember that all units within the system should have the same refrigeration type.
  • Enter the inspection date for this particular system.
  • Enter a few brief details about the system in the sub system description box. What you enter here will not be shown on the completed certificate.

Select Save and you will be directed to the overview page for this particular system.