What counts as CPD?
It is not possible to provide a full list of what counts as CPD, however please find guidance below on
what may be used as CPD. If in any doubt, then please seek prior approval with Quidos:

  • Attending an approved CPD course or training days
  • Health & Safety and/or Asbestos Awareness training
  • E-Learning courses or tutorials from an approved provider
  • Relevant, hosted seminar days, conferences or exhibitions for energy assessors
  • Self-direct, or informal learning, i.e. home study of professional journals or publications for energy assessors
  • Energy Assessment course, e.g. NDEA training for DEAs
  • Relevant professional or vocational training courses, whether or not they lead to a formal qualification, e.g. Building Services Training
  • Learning from other related industry professionals, e.g. Shadowing a Surveyor

What does not count as CPD?

  • Informal meetings with professionals
  • Energy Assessor online forums
  • Course topics unrelated to energy assessment or professional skills