For a report to be cancelled, the report must be technically incorrect. We are unable to Cancel reports due to financial reasons e.g. customers not paying for the reports.


To Cancel your report, go into the RdSAP Calculation section of your iQ-Energy Account, select the Report and select Cancel along the bottom of the Page.

To recreate the report, again select the cancelled report and select the Copy option at the bottom of the page. This will create a second version of the report.


You can then make any necessary changes to the report.  


Please Note, to relodge the report, you will need to move the Inspection Date forward by one day, e.g. Move the inspection day from the 1st January to the 2nd January to relodge.

This is important, as it ensures  the correct report is available on Landmark, as the landmark Register only displays the most recent EPC on a property.